Happy Hounds Sutton Coldfield
Happy Hounds Sutton Coldfield

Good Citizens Scheme and pet obedience

A well behaved pet is a joy to own. Like most things you do not get something for nothing so to own a dog that is not a pest, a nuisance or disobedient does require a bit of effort in the form of training. The philosophy of Happy Hounds is to train the handler how best to train their own dog, usually the younger the dog the quicker the results.
Happy Hounds training follows the Kennel Club’s Good Citizen standards and handlers progress their dogs through the appropriate grades. While our obedience classes follow the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme we aim to expand on the syllabus to enhance your training experience. Puppies can start socialisation and training as soon as they are vaccinated. Older puppies can still join us for the puppy foundation and larger breed puppies may go straight to bronze training.
Once handlers reach an acceptable standard of control they can be tested by a Kennel Club approved examiner and progress to the next grade, silver and gold.

Each of our trainers know the exacting standards for the Bronze, Silver, and Gold grading.

The Good Citizens scheme is a purely about enabling humans and dogs to live in harmony though it does give a basis for competitive dog obedience. Others may prefer activities such as agility and flyball.

We are located at:

Happy Hounds Dog Training Club

The Rifle Range

Sutton Coldfield Football Grounds

Coles Lane

Sutton Coldfield

B72 1NL

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